Yoga for the newbie, second time rookie, or the inflexible.

About You

I started my yoga practice in 2013 where, honestly, I was dragged to a class by a good friend who thought yoga would help my self esteem. She was right...I loved it from the first class. Yoga changed my life! It helped me get confident and leave an abusive relationship, move back to my hometown, and start all over again. It became my guide, my source of growth and forged a belief in myself I would never have had otherwise.

In 2018, I was speaking with a couple friends about my yoga journey and how passionate I was about it when they suggested I teach. They were interested, but felt weird about going to a studio for the first time. So, I walked them through some of my favorite poses and they loved it. That put a spark in me where maybe I should teach as a career, and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. After receiving my 200-hour YTT certification, I began teaching to my friends and started to teach in local studios.

During the COVID shutdown in Spring of 2020, I took a step back to think about where I wanted to build the most impact with my yoga teaching. Currently, I adore helping those intimidated by a studio gain the confidence to begin their yoga practice. I also love helping those returning to a yoga practice or who have an injury and don't think they can "do" yoga. With private and small group classes at your home or a neutral space, I help new and returning students become beautiful yogis, who love the benefits yoga provides them. I also love helping those with extremely busy lives de-stress and get calm through restoring, breath focused, small group classes. For those who love the warm weather and an uplifting group class, I also work with The Mending Muse to teach goat yoga. The goats' help is quite therapeutic and help keep you grounded and in the moment. I can't wait to learn more about your yoga journey and discover how I can help you.